Volume 5  Number 1
January 1987

A. Henry Savage-Landor had a good deal to say about Persian carpets. Observations on Sultanabad, Kerman, and Birjand have been previously reported. Here are his characterizations of weaving in other parts of Persia: Carpets are a chief manufacture of "Kasvin" (Northwest Persia) ; Ispahan has a "flourishing" carpet-making industry; Kashan makes some silk carpets; Kurdistan's product is principally small prayer rugs, "rather vivid in colour"; and, carpets are also made at Kermanshah, Tabriz, and Yazd. (1)

Of these additional mentions, the only type really described is the product of Shiraz: ". . .the long narrow rugs, as soft as velvet, and usually with geometrical designs on them. Red, blue, and white are the prevalent colours." (2)


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